Last year, through SACEM, principal sponsor of the project - along with Montréal Electronic Groove and Cosmopolis – Lisbonne produced the first edition of the «French Beat Tour».
Dedicated to the promotion and distribution of young creators, DJ producers, and electronic music representatives, the «French Beat Tour» strives to favor the exposure of young french talents on an international scale and support the development of their careers for audiences and the professional industry.
In 2013 french artists such as The Toxic Avenger, Teki latex, Everyday and Cherokee benefited from this exposure.
With «The French Beat», it is a question of promoting the french electronic scene which is booming and to allow international audiences to discover new developing talents. It is also a way to render exchanges between France, Europe and North America more dynamic.
For the second edition, the «French Beat Tour» reiterates its stopover in Montréal and Lisboa and sets up shop in Paris for an evening at the Divan du Monde as part of MaMA 2014.