Cozmoze: much more than an employment bureau, a place where all creatives meet!

Where to meet talented creatives? Where to recruit in a minimum of time without breaking the bank? Where to manage one’s own talent pool dynamically? Cozmoze was launched a few months ago to help you find the answers to these questions. For the first time ever, creatives from all backgrounds – musicians, technicians, actors and many others – have their platform !
Cozmoze allows you to recruit a creative profile in a few clicks and for free. The principle is simple: creative present their skills and experience through a dynamic and content-rich profile which they can use to apply to your jobs in just one click.
Several big names in the Music industry already trust Cozmoze, including the Printemps de Bourges, Rock en Seine, the Chœur d’Île-de-France, and of course MaMA.
Cozmoze is not only a platform where to post your ads, it's also an opportunity to proactively manage your talent pool and keep an eye on their progress.
With Cozmoze, recruitment is no longer a synonym of hassle and high costs. Cozmoze will become your best assistant ...



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Wednesday, October 15th
Le Trianon
12:00 to 13:00


Access: Restricted to MaMA delegates (subject to availability)



Cozmoze is the platform where all creatives and all creativity meet. Launched in its current version in April 2014, Cozmoze aims to become the market place for the development of creativity, where all the players in the world of creation can meet indiscriminately and without compartmentalization. Cozmoze is not addressed to a limited audience, as is too often the case elsewhere, but to all those with a creative talent.
Allowing creatives to present themselves through their work and apply for jobs in one click, Cozmoze facilitates recruitment and becomes an indispensable tool for all recruiters seeking the best profile in a minimum amount of time. The creative talent making the difference is already on Cozmoze and just one click away…