Each edition, MaMA invites a well-established and well-known figure from the music industry to talk in depth about their career. What have they learned, what do they consider as their greatest successes or failures? What intuition or instinct guided them and helped them to make the right decisions? What are they they most proud of, and what –if anything- would they do differently?

MaMA is proud to announce Michael Eavis, founder of the Glastonbury festival for one hour of intense exchanges and instructive conversation with Jeremy Silver.

Born and raised in Pilton, where he still live, Eavis inherited the family farm of 150 acres and 60 cows after his father died in 1958. Being raised in the non-conformist tradition, Michal Eavis has always encouraged to question the status quo and to fight for change.
In the late sixties a new phenomena of outdoor music festivals began to catch on, and a casual visit to the Bath Blues festival persuaded him to have a go himself in 1970.
At the beginning the festival didn’t make a profit but after eleven years it did, so we had to look for good causes to support here and around the world. Nowadays we aim at raising two million pounds for all sorts of ways to make the quality of life better than it is, at present, for millions of people.
Nowadays Glastonbury is the largest greenfield festival in the world, is now attended by around 175,000 people each year and raises millions of pounds for all sorts of charities.
In May 2014, The Music Industry Trusts (MITS) award recognises his achievements in staging live music and supporting charity. Michael Eavis has been honoured for his contribution to the music industry.


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Friday, October 17th
Le Trianon
16:30 to 17:30


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