Zone Franche, Fédélima and RIF (world music and popular music networks) will come together during MaMA to see how to improve their collaboration. World music often doesn’t have specific production or diffusion networks except for festivals. World music being a part of contemporary music, this debate aims to analyze the place of this particular music genre in regards to popular music as well as to find ways leading to a better cooperation between the two.

At the end of the conference, join Zone France, RIF and Fedelima to continue the discussion over a drink.

On the same day, Afro Soul Night, with 3 performances (Moh! Koyaté, Bibi Tanga et The Afrorockerz) will be presented at Centre Barbara Fleury Goutte d'Or.

Wednesday, October 15th
Le Centre Musical FGO-Barbara
16:00 to 17:30


Access: Restricted to MaMA delegates (subject to availability)


Zone Franche

Zone Franche network was born from the encounter of traditionnal music and globalization sounds, revealing a new sound landscape and new musical languages. Today, Zone Franche gathers about 200 structures that have in common ethical and professional aims, sucha as promoting cultural diversity, free circulation of artists and artworks, or cooperation between North and South, among other.


FEDELIMA is the result of the recent (December 2012) merging between “Fédurok” (popular music venues network) and “Fédération des scenes de Jazz” (French jazz venues network). FEDELIMA  is a national network of music venues whose current projects revolve around the distribution and support of artistic practices in the area of live music. It is now gathering 141 venues spread across the French territory. The network conducts observation, analysis and support tools to help the operators to professionalize and to grow around in partnership with their politic, economic and civil environment.  The new activities project of FEDELIMA is divided into three areas of work: artistic, territories and environment of the venues, and cultural policies for the venues.


RIF (Region Ile-de-France networks of popular musics)

The RIF aggregates eight departmental networks representing more than 200 venues and structures of popular musics spread across the Paris region. This regional confederation is composed by a variety of actors: concert venues, festivals, rehearsal studios, recording studios, music schools, producers, turners, management structures ... It aims to structure long-term the sector of popular musics in the Ile-de-France, and foster his development.