How does a city become attractive to the eyes of artists and the public ?

How does a city suddenly become attractive to the eyes of an artist? During the last few years, we have witnessed the birth of new artistic cities: Berlin has become the Mecca of electronic and house music, London is well known for its large rock scene, Paris attracts thanks to its very diverse music scene… Which assets, beyond the concentration of professionals in one place, does a metropolis have for creation and artistic emersion? How does a city manage to distinguish itself from others? Which mechanisms and factors are behind a city becoming a crossroad of artists developing a new scene?
The MAP – Réseaux des Musique Actuelles de Paris, is organizing a gathering of professionals to try to analyze these questions via economic, politic, artistic, social and demographic criteria in different cities.


Friday, October 17th
Le Centre Musical FGO-Barbara
13:30 to 15:00


Access: Restricted to MaMA delegates (subject to availability)



The MAP – Network of the music business actors in Paris, facilitates more than 50 Parisian industries which range from concert venues, studios, music schools, producers, media… By the diversity of its members, the MAP reflects the Parisian musical landscape and strives to represent it and foster its activities.