Our workshop addresses the relevancy of indexing music files properly before transmission to the online music value chain. Our theoretical approach is supplemented by a practical component making use of the TGiT indexing software. The uniqueness of TGiT is that it offers artists, labels and first rights holders, the tool to create their own music metadata. The process is easy, it produces embedded metadata in audio codecs and allows export trough various standards. TGiT fights for an ecosystem logic making use of identifiers such as ISWC, ISRC and ISNI, allowing their search and save without discrimination. At the end of our workshop, you will have the satisfaction of being able to transmit audio knowing it contains proper descriptive metadata.

Thursday, October 16th
Le Trianon
10:30 to 11:30


Access: Restricted to MaMA delegates (subject to availability)



Iconoclaste Music is a Canadian research and development corporation based in the province of Quebec. It specializes in issues related to music and new media. Its founder, Jean-Robert Bisaillon, is vice-president of the Songwriters Association of Canada and director on the board of SOCAN. In 2013 he obtained a masters degree and Innovation Prize at INRS in Montreal, on the topics of music metadata and knowledge mobilization. Since then, Iconoclaste is focusing its efforts on developing TGiT, a software based metadata ecosystem. The project also promotes the notions of open innovation and co-construction, based on the actual needs of the music value chain as a whole, and also primary rights holders, songwriters, music composers, performers and indie labels, as first users.