Creation comes to an artist as a life force. It is also vital for the artist that this creation reaches the public. Today, it has become necessary for an artist to be interested not only in the creation itself, but also in the diffusion of her/his work. This is the reason why several artists have decided - out of necessity but also because they wanted it - to consider the more pragmatic aspects of their jobs, in order to control the management of their career. Artists create their own labels, build their own studios, decide to work in collectives...

GAM invites you to discover the experiences of several artists who have taken initiatives in order for their works to exist and reach the public.


The review of this debate is available on www.riffx.fr

Friday, October 17th
Le Centre Musical FGO-Barbara
10:30 to 12:00


Access: Restricted to MaMA delegates (subject to availability)



La GAM est une association qui vise à rassembler tous les artistes de la musique autour d'une seule et même voix collective. Nous voulons que les artistes aient le contrôle de l'exploitation de leurs oeuvres et obtiennent le juste partage des profits générés dans le digital, le physique ainsi que dans tout autre moyen d'exploitation à venir. Nous voulons oeuvrer ensemble pour la création d'un nouveau modèle aux côtés des labels et des plateformes numériques.