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Vice-président Illusion & macadam / Président du Syndicat des Musiques Actuelles


Illusion & macadam / Syndicat des Musiques Actuelles

I'm working in music business for over 20 years. I worked in independent media (L'Eko des garrigues, Le Coca'Zine, Let's Motiv…) and in the organization of concerts and digital arts (Festival à 100%, Tropisme). Former director of La Méridionale des spectacles, now I'm working for the development of the cooperative Un Goût d'Illusion (Illusion & Macadam). In recent years, my communication skills and cultural projects give me the opportunitie to support musicians and training. Activist, I am also president of the Syndicat des Musiques Actuelles (SMA, music syndicate).