Professional international encounters/ speed-meetings will be organized for the Popular music focus group, implemented through a partnership between the French Institute, Bureau Export and MaMA.
Around 60 international professionals (agents, promoters, festival and venue programmers, labels, producers, etc.), are invited in order to participate in MaMA in order to discover the french music scene and the professional french popular music industry.
Professionals from over thirty countries, selected and invited conjointly by the french cultural network abroad, the French institute and Bureau Export in collaboration with MaMA, will take part in these meet up sessions. French participants can thus present their activities and establish a direct dialogue, allowing for more open collaborations.

Pre-registrations are now closed. We are currently working on a selection and matching with the received applications. Please notice that your participation will  be valid only if you receive a confirmation e-mail.

Wednesday, October 15th
Le Trudain's Café
15:00 to 18:00


Access: Restricted to MaMA delegates - with registration



The Institut français is the agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and international Development for cultural action outside of France. As an agent of cultural diplomacy, the Institut français is a unique brand throughout
 96 countries and in France. It is responsible for the promotion of artists, ideas, works and industries that contribute to presenting an innovative and dynamic picture of artistic creation in France. It encourages dialogue between cultures and gives life to professional communities in each sector it is involved in, while supporting the French cultural network abroad.

In the field of music, the Institut français provides support for the international circulation of artists, in order to promote their access to new audiences and to support their international development. This support takes the form of consultancy and expert advice, ranging from artistic scouting for the benefit of foreign professionals and of the French cultural network abroad, to consultancy for artists in order to help them develop their impact at the international level. The Institut français also provides financial support for the circulation of projects at the international level. Finally, it connects artists with the relevant sectors of the international musical industry, in close cooperation with the whole cultural network abroad.


Bureau Export is a non-profit organization that helps the French music professionals (majors and indies, publishers, booking agents, managers…) with the international development of their artists of all musical genres (pop, rock, indie, electro, folk, jazz,world…), mainly through networking and financial helps (tour support,showcases, promo trips…). We also work with many professionals from various countries that are interested in French musical productions and come to us for advice, contacts and co-funding solutions.